There are so many ways to promote a business in the market. But when it comes to generating more leads and getting more conversions then Email Marketing is still on the top of other techniques of marketing.

Email Marketing is one of the cheapest options for driving traffic to a website and the best ways of generating leads for a B2B business. In this Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2020, we are going to deep dive in Email Marketing, but before that, we need to understand What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing
Email marketing simply means marketing your products or services using email. Email marketing is a process through which information about our products, services are passed on to people through email. Email marketing. is a form of Digital Marketing. Let us understand this through an example.

Suppose you are a hosting company and you have Emails address of many customers. You have to give any new offers, hosting updates to your customers. Or there is some new feature added to your company. So you send a lot of emails to many customers at once, this is called email marketing. So that you do not face any more trouble, in a single click, all the customer gets to know about your updates and you also get traffic from email. Similarly, an online shopping company also does its marketing like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, eBay etc.

Here it is, let’s talk about a hosting company, let’s take an example of a blogger. If you are a blogger then you have seen in many blogs/websites that you are asked to fill the email address, encouraged. Let’s leave the matter of the other blog, you should look at itself, that is, check our website that we have put a subscription box in the top, in which you have to fill the email address.

The benefit of this Subscribe Box is when we make a new post in our website, then those who have put or joined the email address in the Subscribe box, then the notification of the new post is sent directly to the email address of the user.

We do not do all this work ourselves, but the email marketing tool that we are using works automatically on their own. With this, we bloggers also get a lot of help and in a lot of work, the information about new posts reaches our visitors.

Email marketing is also used for many different tasks. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. Updates to the notification of every activity happening in your email, such as login, likes, Tag, Share, Follow, such notifications come on your email. You can guess that Email Marketing is used for many jobs and it is an important service.

Email Marketing Advantages and Tips –

There are so many advantages of Email Marketing like you can promote your business, you can give information about your services, products.

You can talk to your customers by direct email, encouraging them to buy your product. You can get a lot of traffic, visitors, through Email Marketing.

Add Subscribe box, you must install Subscribe Box in your website so that the new user can also know about the new updates coming in your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing Free site for bloggers –ย 

By the way, there are so many Email Marketing companies available on google but most of them are paid. If you are running a business, then you should use paid service only. There is free service for blogger but will not be able to use many features in it.

Mailchimp is an email marketing site with professional tools. But there is a limitation in free. But we can use it for normal use. Like to get subscribe and Feedburner is best for Subscribe Box, it is free, it is a service of Google itself.ย 

Very soon, I will try to write a post on how to do email marketing through Mailchimp.

Conclusion –

I hope you like this beginners guide to Email Marketing 2020ย and understand how email marketing works, If you have any question or clarification related to this post, then tell it in the comments. I’ll try to reply to your valuable comment as soon as possible. Please share this post so others can also take benefit out of it. Thank you.

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